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Photographer, Meropi Mitrou, was born in Greece in 1978. At an early age she had an eye for photography without any prior schooling, having already completed several shootings on her own. However, she felt as though it would be essential to receive a more formal education in the field. With that being said, she attended the Intergraphics College for Photography and the Stereosis Art School for Photography from 2006 to 2009 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thereafter, she was quick to begin presenting her work and made her first appearance in the industry in 2007 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She gained further experience by participating in video art and director of photography seminars and workshops organized by the French and British Council, as well as workshops hosted by the infamous Swedish photographer, JS Enghstrom.

Since 2007, she has worked as an administrative printer and developer in black and white photography, as well as color photography. She has also worked as a curator in photography exhibitions and festivals, as a director of photography and executive producer in video arts and film documentaries, in addition she has worked as a freelance photographer in commercial, travel, documentary and contemporary photography.

Throughout her career, Meropi has presented work in numerous exhibitions including, “Memento” a contemporary art photography exhibition at the City Palace Museum in Udaipur, India (2013), “Memento” photography exhibition at Bay Hamam in Thessaloniki, Greece (2013) in association with the General Directorate of Antiquities and Culture Heritage and with the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Athens Photo Festival (2012), and “Peace Is” photography exhibition from the Hellenic National team for UNESCO exhibited in 10 cities across Greece (2011). Additionally, in 2011 she won in the Universal Contest of Photography from the Hellenic National Team for the UNESCO Award of one of the best ten photographers in “color photography.”

She first began traveling as a freelance photographer in 2010 to Egypt where she began to discover herself through travel and photography. She then felt inspired to continue working as a freelance photographer abroad and began exploring herself through her lens. Unlike most freelance photographers working abroad she does not focus on capturing street photography or landscapes, instead she works through people by creating their portraits. She finds inspiration in her work by going deep within her subjects and getting to know them well before completing a shoot.

After her initial trip to Egypt, she traveled across Asia working on freelance, contemporary personal projects. Two Greek photographers, Cornilia Sidira and Athanasia Papadopoulou, joined her in India. Together they completed several projects in commercial and contemporary photography in India and Greece. They eventually formed as a team known as Trepieds Photography.

In 2014, Trepieds Photography documented the Historical Royal Wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, which is one of the most important events to happen in the history of the Royal Family of Udaipur. Instead of covering the event commercially, they approached it as a contemporary and modern way to document history.

As a freelance photographer Meropi Mitrou has traveled all across Asia to Laos, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal and Malaysia where she finds her inspiration. Today, she lives and works in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India where she continues to create art through her own life.